Instead of collectivism, inverted totalitarianism thrives on disaggregation, on a citizenry who, ideally, are self-reliant, competitive, certified by standardized testing, but equally fearful of an economy subject to sudden downturns and of terrorists who strike without warning. Classical totalitarianism mobilized its subjects; inverted totalitarianism fragments them.
— Sheldon Wolin

Smoke Screen

The struggle for the soul of America is not between Left and Right

Contrary to the spectacle narrative, the struggle for the soul of America is not between Left and Right, Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals, or Red States and Blue States. It is, as always, a struggle between a tiny privileged elite and the rest, regardless of which major party holds power.

Television politics and superficial wedge issues consciously constructed to simulate democratic debate while actively reinforcing public fragmentation are smoke screens obscuring the actual dynamic of our times: attempts to secure the vast benefits unleashed by the technological progress of the last 400 years.

Us and Them

 Standoff at Standing Rock

Standoff at Standing Rock


The fight for a better world pits those who would allocate to the masses the fruits of humanity’s triumph, against those who would cement the current corporatist-technological paradigm in place to secure the obscene privilege of a tiny minority to the detriment of living and future generations.

Divide and Conquer

The corralling of Americans into warring binary camps is a clever twist on the age-old tactic “Divide and Conquer.” A pure media creation, its purpose remains the same as always: to put the people at each others' throats to divert their justified rage away from their real oppressors. 

George Carlin on Manufactured Class Struggle


Yes, it does happen to work. But only until people wake up to the Red State - Blue State charade. 



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Sheldon Wolin, Democracy Inc.

George Carlin, Jammin' in New York