Welcome to this latest version of The Spectacle, complete with a new logo and website; updated videos; a new round of concerts and events; and this new blog, starting right here, right now. 

In the Beginning...

When I began this project back in the late 90’s, the idea that we live in a “spectacle society” in the manner of Guy Debord’s dystopian vision was not exactly conventional wisdom. “Spectacle Guy Full of Shit” was as likely a review headline following a show back then as anything validating my critique. Okay, I never saw that particular headline, but my promotion of Neil Postman’s idea that we Americans are “amusing ourselves to death” was met with, shall we say, a bit of skepticism.

Fast Forward: Brave New World

Today such willful blindness requires real talent and dedication, and fewer of us seem up to the task. With a Reality Show President, a turbocharged bread-and-circuses culture, and “fake news” on everyone’s lips and minds, the notion of a corporate-created fantasy world geared to manufacture the complacency and compliance of the American people is, for many, far less far-fetched (nearer-fetched?) than it used to be. The Spectacle’s subject matter—media, technology, consumerism, militarism, nihilism, celebrity and propaganda—is more relevant than ever. So for better or worse, in resistance and solidarity, The Spectacle rides again.

Experience The Spectacle

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Welcome to The Spectacle. Great to have you along.  



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Photo: Roger Waters, Amused To Death