The spectacle is the bad dream of modern society in chains, expressing nothing more than its wish for sleep. The spectacle is the guardian of that sleep.
— Guy Debord

Necessary Illusions

Artists are especially sensitive to the narratives playing out around us, so their works are filled with allusions to our necessary illusions—references to the dream world the Spectacle manufactures to prop up the ideologies required for the efficient functioning of advanced technological civilization.

What did you dream?....

George Carlin on “The American Dream”


Perhaps a better world will be won in which the illusions we labor under will become unnecessary, since societies of justice and fulfillment require no strong-arm tactics or psychic trickery to compel allegiance.

Perhaps a worse world will arise in which the world’s owners will actually be able to afford to dispense with the Spectacle charade altogether and control the population fully through mandated self-enslavement backed by force.  

Until one of these outcomes emerges, the Spectacle will remain the primary weapon in the elite’s arsenal.

Until one of these outcomes emerges, every dollar of the billions spent annually on corporate advertising, public relations, the promotion of mindless consumerism, the inculcation of fear, the propagation of war-fever and every other form of corporate propaganda will remain a testament to the fact that elite rule hangs by a thread—the thread of human consciousness.

Until one of these outcomes emerges, every dollar of the Spectacle’s expenditure on psychic weapons of social control will reflect the recognition that if consciousness were to awaken, if the illusions were to shatter, if the disillusioned were to invigorate, corporate power’s decimation of democracy might be challenged, even reversed.

If, however, we continue to succumb to a dream world....

Jimmy Carter on the American Nightmare


Excerpt from Spectacle video Separation Perfected


Will we continue to dream this “bad dream of modern society in chains”? Or will we rebel against the guardian of our sleep? Our answer will very likely determine our fate.



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Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle

Pink Floyd, Welcome to the Machine

George Carlin, Life is Worth Losing

Jimmy Carter, 1980 Democratic National Convention

Eric Goodman, Separation Perfected