The Spectacle succeeds on all accounts, [turning] the very imagery of the spectacle against itself. The song ‘Know Your Rights,’ by The Clash, begins with Joe Strummer declaring ‘This is a public service announcement…with guitars!’ And had Eric Goodman chosen to begin The Spectacle with a similar declaration it would have been true—for what his performance presents is a vital ‘public service announcement’ that comes accompanied by guitar and drums. The Spectacle reveals what the spectacle truly says—and reminds the audience that they need not keep listening to its commands.
— Librarian Shipwreck


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The Spectacle Live Show production specifications

The Spectacle’s technical production is streamlined and efficient. The live show is controlled by advanced digital sequencing software running on a laptop on the stage. Only three wires, provided by us, need to be connected to the venue’s facilities: two quarter-inch audio cables, and one RCA video cable.


The optimal venue is an auditorium with a raised stage and built-in video screen. However, any room with a video screen in the center and enough space for one performer on each side of the screen will suffice. The venue needs to be made as dark as possible so as to take advantage of the show’s video and lighting effects. Power must be accessible to the stage via outlets or extension cords. A small table for a laptop and audio/video components is required.


A sound system suitable for live music is required. All other audio equipment (instruments, microphones, monitors, boom stands, cables, etc.) are provided by us. We need to connect two quarter-inch cables into the sound system, either fed directly into the sound system, or sent to the sound system via a direct box on the stage.


A video screen, preferably center of stage, is required. A rear-screen or mounted front-screen projector accepting an RCA video input is required. We bring a backup projector in case there is no functioning projector in the venue, or we deem the provided projector unsuitable.


No lighting is required during the performance. The Spectacle provides and employs an advanced computer-controlled lighting system synchronized meticulously with the music and projected video imagery. The venue must provide one person to dim the house lights on cue when the performance begins.