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The Spectacle is an immersive, multimedia project that invites people to viscerally experience their relationship with power, propaganda, and technology. It brings political, media, and social criticism to life through video, narrative, photography, live performance, and original music. In exposing the powerful manipulation & manufactured compliance of the American people, the project opens new perspectives, provides context, and compels people to deeply question what they see as they contemplate their own existence within The Spectacle.

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Press mentions

Times Square Chronicles
The Spectacle is nothing less than extraordinary. As far as rock concerts, visual effects and social commentary go, this experimental work of performance art has hit every mark. Writer, producer and performer Eric Goodman took a leap of faith and hit the nail on the head. This brilliantly staged display gives you an opportunity to step back and see something about our technological-driven society that you may be blind to—even though it’s right in front of your face. This performance presents cultural aspects of our society in a way that is sharp, smart and visually astonishing. This is a show that young people can and will rally behind.
— Times Square Chronicles
Librarian Shipwreck
The Spectacle succeeds on all accounts, [turning] the very imagery of the spectacle against itself. The song ‘Know Your Rights,’ by The Clash, begins with Joe Strummer declaring ‘This is a public service announcement…with guitars!’ And had Eric Goodman chosen to begin The Spectacle with a similar declaration it would have been true—for what his performance presents is a vital ‘public service announcement’ that comes accompanied by guitar and drums. The Spectacle reveals what the spectacle truly says—and reminds the audience that they need not keep listening to its commands.
— Librarian Shipwreck
Arts Connection
The Spectacle was definitely a mind boggling experience that grabbed my attention as soon as I entered. The creators of this ominous, exciting “spectacle’ explained how America is corrupt from its roots and it has poisoned our generation and maybe more generations to come.

The music was definitely key in making the viewer absorb and understand the destruction and deceitfulness that has plagued America in the 80’s until today. The guitars solos were powerful to amp up the presentation, which made the performance very entertaining. The experience was mind shattering and I question now every commercial and news channel ever.
— New York City Teen Reviewers & Critics

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