The Spectacle Awaits

Do Not Avert Your Eyes

Dive deep beneath the daily monotonous hum of fly-by pseudo-events and soulless, scripted punditry into a video series examining the real underlying forces dictating life in America today.

Watch the videos comprising the live performance of The Spectacle, each fusing original music and imagery designed to simultaneously provoke, entertain, enrage, and inspire. Explore further with in-depth background on the artistic and philosophical influences behind each video, and add your own opinions and feedback in online discussions of the phenomena and realities surfaced in the series.

Welcome to The Spectacle. Enter at your own risk...

Separation perfected

The first video in The Spectacle series is coming soon

A contented multitude connected in meaningful and satisfying ways through the shows we watch, the technologies we use, and the products we consume...

Meet "the Spectacle," a manufactured thought-world dominated by illusion and fabricated images of commercialized community. Beneath the glowing facade, at the heart of this culture of manufactured happiness, lies a profound emptiness and alienation.


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Upcoming Videos


Battle drums. Jet engines. Missile strikes. Rinse. Repeat. War is now spectacle. WMD Blues demonstrates the relentless power of war propaganda by mashing up the marketing of the 2003 invasion of Iraq [insert Iran], [insert North Korea], [insert the next far-off land suddenly in need of a little "freedom"... ].

So get up, grab your flags, the next war will begin after these brief commercial messages.

"There's an old saying in Tennessee, says 'fool me once'..." George W. Bush himself provides the moral at the end.

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Fear. Distraction. Material Excess... Step aside Survivor & Kardashians, the news media is the biggest, most influential reality show of all time. But the ultimate reality behind the charade is that TV news is a highly commercialized venture dependent upon ratings to generate massive ad revenues.

Now...This portrays the TV newscast as a well-integrated piece of performance art, alternating ubiquitous doom-and-gloom featurettes with happy-go-lucky commercials that sponsor "the show." It highlights TV news' descent into a toxic cocktail of fear, consumerism, propaganda, and distraction central to the Spectacle's project of social control.

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The Myth of the Machine

Technology has helped us master the world, but has it now mastered us? Do we use our tools, or do our tools use us?

If we define the religious object as that which is uncritically worshipped, science and technology constitute our new sacred order. The Myth of the Machine highlights advertising's portrayal of technology as salvation; the link between the Western technological project and violence; and the Spectacle's role as the interface between humanity and our increasingly alienating technological milieu.

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Mr. Money

While we weren't looking, banks went from being a boring utility of the nation's economy to the economy itself. Mr. Money showcases Finance as spectacle—how our culture's fascination with money has left us with a government of the banks, by the banks, and for the banks. And it's left all of us footing the bailouts and paying the interest.

In this game, the banks always play by the rules. After all, it's easy when you write them. The 1% vs. the 99%: Too big to fail vs. too small to matter...

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The Madman

"God is dead, and we have killed him": eight words that changed the trajectory of Western philosophy. Friedrich Nietzsche prophesied that Western morality wouldn't withstand humankind's astonishing success manipulating the world through science and technology. And he asked the crucial question that few asked then, and few ask now: What happens to us in the process?

The Madman simmers with the pervasive nihilism that sits just under the surface of today's society, and walks us through the very dark places this nihilism inevitably takes us. When there's no foundation, there are no limits to the depths we can descend.

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The Tragedy That Remains

Consumerism hits its grotesque apex when people become the product—when human beings are processed through star-making factories and chiseled into human-based pseudo-events. In life, the celebrity provides the Spectacle a smiling embodiment of corporate ideology; in death, a ratings and ad revenue bonanza. Fame and celebrity worship have become national obsessions, creating a warped world of faux intimacy that drains both celebs and fans of humanity and individuality. 

The Tragedy That Remains looks at the spectacle of celebrity when it goes supernova: after the death of star. Sift through the macabre orgy of social anguish as we scrape the bottom of a shallow and empty culture.

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Thus Spoke The Spectacle

Thus Spoke The Spectacle takes a satirical look at the new Ten Commandments of the Spectacle Age and how they serve to integrate our actions, beliefs, and desires into the agenda of corporate consumer culture.

A mock sermon preaches comfort, security, and illusion at the expense of freedom and spontaneity, as a lobotomized congregation pays homage to the highest Spectacle citizen, THE HOLDER OF SHARES; the highest Spectacle ideals, PROGRESS, PROFIT, AND EFFICIENCY; and the highest Spectacle embodiment, THE MACHINE.

All hail the world of illusion. Let the Countdown begin. Amen!

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